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The four pillars of health

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home remedies

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Home remedies

Back pain-

Grandmothers used to use hot-water bottle, when they had back pain, now it turns out that this method may be harmful in the case of pain resulting from inflammation – and therefore the recommendation is ice, ice cubes, peas everything that it is possible to find frozen, not put it directly on the skin that “it cause skin burns, “the ice Place a cloth or towel and put on the painful area for 15 minutes, you can repeat the process every 15 minutes


Massage and pain –

A gentle massage with olive oil can relieve pain, and why olive oil – olive oil has the possibility of penetration through the skin, the oil can reduce inflammation if there is inflammation ??? Without a doctor we can not know know what causes pain and did not fling with drugs or oils that may even harm.


Swelling and edema –

As a hoax swelling of a tendon or muscle, or for any other reason it is possible to calm the injured part with cabbage leaves – yes, cabbage, boil water and put in it a number of cabbage leaves for about 5 minutes, let cool slightly put cabbage on the swollen area with a bandage for at least for now., you can repeat the process as you want, or leave the cabbage throughout the night.


, Inflammation –

Most infections are tendonitis. Inflammation of body parts recommended treatment with curcumin, turmeric is now considered a blow “treatment” inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, helps blood flow to tissues efficiently.

In the treatment we mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a teaspoon of oil (preferably olive oil) until it becomes a paste, spread the mixture on lighting and gauze over the place !!! Surprise – the skin may turn yellow, but the shower it will disappear – this is another reason to take a shower !!

Tonsil Stones

Gargle with salted water – help 90% of the time. Another remedy is to prepare tea with mint – read here how to cure tonsil stones.

Muscle pain –

Pain that is due to muscle activity, physical activity, effort, or carrying something very heavy -lazrh should first sit hot water bath for at least 15 minutes, then pour hot and cold water alternately painful place for a few minutes after a wonderful bath rub olive oil Peppermint oil on the area and gently massage a few minutes


Bruises are actually hard blows, onions should be cooked in water or put in the oven for about 10 minutes, cool slightly and cut the onion in the onion in half. Place half the onion to the group, helped bandage to wrap the onions and let the onions in the group for several hours, the group will disappear slowly but surely.


Strain –

Soak cabbage leaves in boiling water for about 10 minutes, cool a little in the leaves and place on a sprained place with an elastic bandage.

It is very important to replace the new leaves every hour. Cabbage leaves prevents swelling and edema or swelling leaves there is already cause swelling disappear.

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